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Youth Sub Committee 

Winter 2024

We're currently recruiting a committee for community representation as we plan further initiatives, events and Free To Be Me series. It will consist of community youth so they feel empowered by having input and speaking on behalf of their peers needs.

This is a great way for youth to have their say in regards to what they and their peers need and want in terms of initiatives, groups, events and connections. It's also a great opportunity to experience sitting on a committee and what goes on behind the scenes of a non-profit organization's operations. 

Youth Entrepreneur Initiative

Spring 2025

Do you have a young, business-minded youth interested in starting their own venture?

We are currently developing a youth entrepreneur initiative that will guide young minds through the business start-up process while educating them on finances, budgeting and simple administration needed to give them the running start they need into the world of self-employment. We'll also help them source capital or funding through multiple channels and resources. We're truly proud of this initiative and are looking forward to hearing the ideas of these brilliant young minds!


Youth Conference
Happy Kids

Future Initiatives and Events

We're looking for input from the greater community as to future initiatives for all age and interest groups.

If you have an epic idea or some input on what we can do for our community, please share it with us! We want our community to thrive in peace and harmony, and we need your input to make that a reality.



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